RVTools is updated to 2.8.1

The wonderful free tool from Rob was updated to a new version. You can download RVTools from his website. Be sure to thank the developer for all of his hard work.

  • On vHost tab new field: number of running vCPUs
  • On vSphere VMs in vApp where not displayed.
  • Filter not working correct when annotations or custum fields contains null value.
  • When NTP server(s) = null the time info fields are not displayed on the vHost tabpage.
  • When datastore name or virtual machine name contains spaces the inconsistent foldername check was not working correct.
  • Tools health check now only executed for running VMs.
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Windows 7 Virtual machines or tools stop responding

This is something that I had encountered when testing VM’s in our PoC for XenDesktop recently.  We could come back after a few hours and find the VM in a hung state or in sleep mode. The sleep mode symptom was a obvious sign of were to start looking. After playing with the power settings a few times and turning off all of the options the issues went away.

According to a new KB article from VMware this is more of a common problem. Stop by here for the original document.

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Microsoft VECD license is a total joke

For those of you that have taken a deep look into VDI or have deployed solutions you should be familar with the latest Microsoft trick to milk more cash from corporations. As far as I’m concerned this is a cheap way to charge more money for now added features and pad their pockets because they did not jump into the VDI game.

Ok to explain things a bit more. Basically Microsoft requires you to purchase your desktop license (XP/Win7) of course. But if you want to do a VDI solution using XenDesktop you mush also purchase a RS or terminal services license and a VECD license. This VECD is listed as needed if you wish to run a workstation OS in a data center. This license can cost from $23 to $100 plus depending on what your end point device is and if its covered under Software Assurance. This is all additional cost on top of the Citrix XenDesktop license that you need to purchase.

I was blown away when the Microsoft rep’s were explaining this to us in a recent call. And the fact they can tell people this with a straight face amazes me.

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VMware vSphere 4 Ctrl-Alt-Del how to disable

Something to watch out for with the ESX 4 console. If you hit CTRL-ALT-DEL on ESX 4 console, the server will reboot even if there are running VMs and it doesn’t matter if the server is not in Maintenance Mode.

Follow these steps to disable this yourself:

1. Edit /etc/inittab. Any text editors will do- I like nano but vi works just as well.
2. Search for “CTRL-ALT-DELETE” or “ctrlaltdel”
3. Comment out the line “ca::ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t3 -r now” with a # symbol.

It should look like:


# ca::ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t3 -r now

4. Save and exit the file.
5. To make this take effect without a reboot, run the command:

init q

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Was invited for a sneak peak of the new vSphere client

Last night I was invited for a preview meeting on a conceptual design for the new vSphere client. I am bound by the NDA that I signed so there will be no specific details here. But I can say that there are a lot of super cool things in the works for the client and vCenter server. VMware is really bring the console up to date and providing the types of reporting and searching features that admin’s have been waiting for.

They are also trying to keep a blend of features that will be useful to IT shops and Cloud providers without leaving one behind. I’m sure there is a ton of work left to be done on what they are working on but as it is now, the product is already something that I would love to have in our environment.

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