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There has been plenty of guessing and leaked stories over the past month about Nutanix acquiring PernixData and today all of these stories can be forgotten and a bunch of new ones can start. These new stories will range from these are great moves to extend the features and lead that Nutanix has, to oh this is terrible for PernixData. All I can say is that I’m personally excited to see the PernixData team joining Nutanix, while some people have left already we wish them the best. I look forward to the many new teammates and working with them on exciting new projects. Our TME team is growing with an addition from the PernixData family as well as many others in different roles.



I as well as many others have been a fan of PernixData for several years now. In my previous role, I had a chance to work with the product from its Beta period and as it matured as a solution. I’m personally excited to watch how both teams will merge into one and use the collective brain power to improve the performance of Nutanix platform and FVP. Something that is probably more exciting for me is going to be watching how the Architect analytics solution that Pernix built is used. Being a big fan of great analytics I have lots of ideas on how this could be used with existing and future capabilities being built.

In the press briefing, Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey spoke about some details around what attracted him to PernixData and some thoughts on what is planned.

Server-side storage technologies are going to become 100x faster with Intel’s push towards NVMe and storage-class memory. While we bring applications and data together in same servers, we have to hustle hard to get even closer to the CPU, and yet remain hypervisor-agnostic. SAN arrays, sitting over networks, will look archaic with the mass introduction of 3D-XPoint technologies.


PernixData helps us hug the application even more so. Hyperconvergence remains hypervisor-agnostic, as we place acceleration and data services strategically on the server.


Over the last 4 years, Pernix has built a very strong muscle memory around storage-class memory better than any other software startup that we know of. More importantly, they “see” every IO without compromising on data consistency. That vantage point gives them a unique advantage to pull off online application migration, the 1-click delight that Nutanix has always espoused for.
The two teams will work hard to make the acceleration engine and their datacenter analytics product work across multiple hypervisors, making our enterprise cloud operating system portable to multiple customer environments. And that deliberate parity between VMware ESXi and our very own AHV hypervisor will keep us authentic.

I personally have had very little time to dig into what Calm all has to offer and I missed an internal briefing due to some PTO time. But from exploring their website and watching some videos, I’m excited at the possibilities they bring around extending our cloud operations functions for workflows, deployments, scaling and many other important functions as organizations move towards cloud like operation.

The enterprise cloud operating system is not complete without an equal emphasis on 1-click automation and orchestration. Developers increasingly want to meld with ITOps, and want to think top-down about applications rather than infrastructure. While we’ve successfully sold to ITOps and application administrators in the last 4 years, it is time for us to go higher up the value chain, even closer to end-users, i.e., DevOps.


Calm was a Sequoia Capital-funded startup that was thinking deep about applications and visual design of app workflows. Everything in Nutanix has been about top-down design — Prism’s design has humanized infrastructure, the way we’ve thought of extremely mundane things in IT. That is exactly what we found in the Calm team — democratizing orchestration without writing too much code. Best part, its vision is extremely aligned with ours on the hybrid nature of future IT. Their pane of glass helps design and orchestrate applications across AWS, Azure, and on-prem web-scale infrastructure. The lightbulb moment came when we saw how elegantly they had integrated Nutanix into their story. It was more than 8-9 months of courtship, when we went deep to understand Aaditya, Jasnoor, and their brainchild called


With Calm integrated, customers will finally be able to choose the right cloud for the right workload, achieve seamless application mobility while experiencing the same simple, delightful, and consistent experience they have come to respect about Nutanix.


Press Release

Here is the official press release:

Nutanix Announces Two Strategic Acquisitions

PernixData and Augment Data and Control Fabrics

of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform


San Jose, CALIFORNIA – August 29, 2016 – Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, today announced that PernixData and will join the Nutanix family.


Nutanix has executed a definitive agreement to acquire PernixData, a pioneer in scale-out data acceleration and analytics. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions. In addition, Nutanix has closed the acquisition of, an innovator in DevOps automation.


By adding world-class technology, products and engineering talent, Nutanix can accelerate the delivery of an Enterprise Cloud Platform that rivals the agility, automation and consumer-grade simplicity of the public cloud but with the control, security and attractive long-term economics of on-premises infrastructure. These additions will enable Nutanix to pioneer new software stacks for storage-class memory systems, enhance its Application Mobility Fabric (AMF) with cross-cloud workload migration and bring rich, cloud-inspired orchestration and workflow automation to its Prism management software.


The New Data Fabric for the post-Flash Era


Nutanix and PernixData share an architectural design philosophy that next-generation datacenter fabrics must keep data and applications close in order to drive the fastest possible performance and to deliver flexible, cost-effective infrastructure scaling. With this common vision, the two companies will develop an advanced data stack to replace traditional storage silos and high-latency networks with newer storage-class memory and advanced interconnects. These planned strategic investments in new server and storage technologies will provide customers with a re-imagined data fabric for a post-flash era of enterprise computing.


The combined teams will also focus on reducing the inertia of application data that inhibits workload mobility across virtual and cloud environments. Planned enhancements to Nutanix App Mobility Fabric (AMF) will deliver the flexibility to run any application in any environment, without business-critical data being held hostage to a legacy infrastructure.


“PernixData software has helped hundreds of customers virtualize their applications without compromising performance and visibility,” said Poojan Kumar, CEO and co-founder, PernixData. “With highly aligned cultures, ambition and talent, we are genuinely excited to join the Nutanix team. And, with our common devotion to 100% software-driven solutions, will look forward to helping customers accelerate their journey to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.”


Unleash DevOps in the Enterprise Cloud

The and Nutanix teams will work to bring an application-first approach to choosing, managing and consuming IT infrastructure – enabling customers to pick the right cloud for each application. Nutanix plans to add cloud automation and management capabilities to its existing software stack to deliver application and service orchestration, runtime lifecycle management, policy-based governance, comprehensive reporting and auditing services to support all application environments, including virtual machines, containers and microservices. Together, and Nutanix plan to bring together clouds, platforms and people, on an elegantly simple pane-of-glass.


“We have shared a similar vision as Nutanix since day one – datacenter infrastructure must be fully automated, simple to deploy and easy-to-use,” said Aaditya Sood, CEO and founder, “We are excited to join the Nutanix team to work together to eliminate the daunting complexity of legacy datacenters by taking a radical, application-centric view of IT infrastructure.”


“Today is a very special day in Nutanix’s history,” said Dheeraj Pandey, Founder, CEO and Chairman, Nutanix. “PernixData and both have exceptional technology, solid engineering teams, and visionary leaders with the ‘Founder’s Mentality’; they have dreamt big and persevered against great odds to build phenomenal products. We are honored to welcome them into the Nutanix family, and build the next generation of innovative products and truly helping our customers realize the vision of the Enterprise Cloud.”


PernixData and customers can expect further communication in the following weeks.



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