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Live migration is the ability to move a running VM from one host (node) to another without any downtime or loss of connectivity. Some vendors call this live migration, if your a VMware person this is known as a vMotion. Live migration is supported on an Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) cluster, whether it is initiated manually or through an automatic process.

There are several ways for VMs to be live migrated to other hosts, the most common is for someone to use Prism to select the VM and choose to migrate it. They can also occur when a host is placed in maintenance mode which evacuates all VMs, from the Acropolis CLI or via the REST API.


How to live migrate an AHV VM

Acropolis managed virtual machines can be manually migrated to other hosts within the cluster through the VM portion of the Prism interface. First you select VM option from the top menu. Then choose the table view,  then select VM to be moved and click the migrate option.

migrate steps


The migration action window will present the admin with the option to let the system automatically select the target host based on resource utilization or via the drop down option, allow the admin to manually select the target host from the list of nodes in the cluster.

migrate VM


The following image shows that you can easily select the target host to move the VM to, if you do not want to let the system make the selection for you. Click the Migrate button and the VM is on its way to the new host.

migrate options


API Migrate Option

I still have very little experience with API’s but wanted to show that the option is available.

migrate api


ACLI Migrate Option

The ACLI option offers the ability to specify a max bandwidth for the move along with the expect destination options.

migrate cli



I know that live migrating a VM is pretty boring these days as it should be. But educating the community that this feature is available and showing how easy and flexible it is to use is also need.


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