Creating VM networks on Acropolis hypervisor – AHV

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If you are building a new Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) cluster there will likely be several networks that will need to be configured for VMs to consume. Also for existing AHV clusters, we all know that as environments mature and grow, typically additional networks are introduced. For these reasons a walkthrough on how to configure these networks on AHV is part of these series.

The Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) leverages Open vSwitch (OVS) for all VM networking. When creating a new AHV cluster the management and Nutanix CVM networking paths are configured automatically. On a newly created AHV cluster there are no VM networks created automatically, VM networks are configured through Prism or the Acropolis CLI (ACLI). When networks are created within Prism they are automatically configured on all AHV hosts within the cluster to ensure compliance.


Creating VM networks in Prism

The process to create a new VM network through Prism is a simple pop-up form to fill in with the network name and corresponding VLAN ID. Once a network is created, it will be available for assignment to existing and newly created virtual machines. To get started once in Prism there are two options for getting to the network config. The first is to click on the gear in the upper right and select Network Configuration. The other option is when you are on the VM screen in prism in the upper right there is a green button for Network Config. Both options are shown in the image below. 

network config


A network configuration window will pop open as per the example below. It will list all the current VM networks with the option to modify or delete them. Click the Create Network button to get things rolling.

network list


In this step all that is need is for you to enter the name of the network and the VLAN ID for the network being created. This should be obvious but by this point you should have already configured your physical switches to present this network to the AHV hosts.

network new


Along with creating virtual machine networks, Acropolis has the ability to provide DHCP address management for each network that is created. This functionality allows for pools of address to be configured for each network that can be automatically assigned to VMs when requesting DHCP addresses.


The process to create VM networks is a very simple process using Prism. If you want to learn a bit more about how the OVS is implemented and creating or managing bridges you can read this post on the Nutanix .Next blog.


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