Who would be on your dinner invitation list?

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This is not my typical post that I would write on here but it was something that I’ve thought about at different times and wanted to write something down. The question is if you could host a small dinner party who would you invite? Let’s keep the dinner small and limit the number of guests to three, but we are holding a number of dinner parties that will be focused on different topics to keep the conversation focused. It does not matter if the guests are living or deceased, this is a wish list.

I think this idea comes from weird interview questions that people get asked sometimes, but I think about this when I see or read about someone that I think that it would be cool to sit down and talk with. So I’m going to put down a few lists of my own and encourage others to do the same in comments, would be interesting to see who others might have on their lists.


There could be a million people that fall in the sports category that it might be cool to meet. I’m focused more about sitting down and talking sports and life for a few hours that shaking hands and getting an autograph from Michael Jordan.

  1. Herman (Herm) Edwards – Herm is a past football player and coach and now an ESPN analyst. I think he is just an interesting guy, I like his no bullshit approach to sports and life. He talks about taking ownership of your actions and hist famous “you play to win” rant.
  2. Chris Carter – Like Herm, Chris also works for ESPN and is a former player for one of my favorite teams the Minnesota Vikings. He is not without his issues on past substance abuse, but he cleaned himself up and turned into one of the best receivers of all time. He also has a no BS take on things.
  3. Joe Maddon – He is the recent coach of the Chicago Cubs that seem to be taking the next step under his leadership. In the past he coached the small market Tampa team to two world series. Joe is a damn smart baseball man and seems to have endless methods to keeping his players interested and motivated is a great skill. He is also typically a great interview when I’ve heard people get enough time from him.



Here I don’t care about one hit wonders and pop sensations, was looking for interesting people. This might have been one of the harder categories for me as there are a number of different people and it was hard to narrow down.

  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan – For me probably my favorite music artist and hands down one of the best guitar players ever. That statement can be debated forever by many, but that’s how I feel. He was taken from the world too early and I would have loved the opportunity to see him live. He just seemed like a cool cat that had no agenda and just wanted to play guitar and entertain people. He broke down barriers and blew people’s minds, what else is there to say.
  2. Johnny Cash – I don’t like all of his music as he went through different periods in his career. He also was a son of a bitch to many people that knew him, but he was a great talent and is still very interesting.
  3. Metallica – I was not sure about my third choice but the guys from Metallica are sure to not disappoint. I’ve always been a big fan of the music, but their fight against Napster and music streaming services would sure to drum up some good conversation at the dinner table.



There have been a few great front men that have led companies that created cool things in history, these people come to mind first. But this category could include inventors of things and really anything tech related.

  1. Steve Jobs – This choice is probably very predictable, but I think it would be interesting to get a few unfiltered hours from the evil genius. He was very driven and did things a different way than others and while people were scared of him or hated him, he lead an organization that created some of the coolest gadgets in history.
  2. Elon Musk – Much like Steve he is considered to be a bit of an evil genius, only time will tell on if he is just evil or a genius. I think that he is either a really great idea man or just good at cultivating and finding other people’s ideas, but I’m sure it would make for an interesting conversation.
  3. Kevin Mitnick – I don’t care much about hacking, but his use of social engineering and just the creative thoughts it took for his approaches is interesting.



I’m not a big politics person, but I do like history so that is probably why my choices are all from the past.

  1. John F Kennedy – Not being a big politics person JFK is one of the few people that sparks any interest.
  2. Teddy Roosevelt – He has some ties to South Dakota my home state along with being an interesting story puts him on my list.
  3. Winston Churchill – He lived and ruled through some very interesting events and points in time.


Don’t be shy now, go ahead and share your list in the comments with others. If you have ideas for other categories go ahead and make those up also.


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