CloudPhysics adds more features and Sexy Dashboards

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This weeks major announcements form CloudPhysics focus on changes in your VMware environment. Often it is a change that brings about an adverse reaction such as a crash or performance issue. Without good insight and control admins are often left wondering what might have caused the issue they are battling at that moment. When fighting the fire thinking about recent changes can be the last thing that someone might be thinking about.

They struggle to understand whether changes — intended or accidental — result in performance disruptions and availability issues waiting to ignite. Further, when things go wrong, there is an inability to replay the changes over time to correlate events or trends that caused the current problem.

To help illustrate these changes and continue to build on their maturing performance reporting capabilities, CloudPhysics will be showing offer their new dashboards. In the previous versions of CloudPhysics data was presented in very focused details through their card’s which were similar to reports. The cards will still be available and a major part of the platform, but dashboards are taking their super metrics to the next level.

I’ve seen great products with ugly interfaces in the past, but getting the look of the product is critical. I think that these new dashboards from CloudPhysics are some of the best looking ones that I’ve seen from any tools vendor. The sample dashboard below is focused on showing performance and capacity details. The sections can be changed to show different data and time periods.

CloudPhysics dashboard


The second dashboard sample shown below is focusing in on CPU Rdy time a very important stat for admins. It is also showing the changes that have taken place in the environment along with when and who executed them. These are some great details and they are presented in an easy to consume and good looking interface.

CloudPhysics exploration mode


I would like to congratulate the CloudPhysics team on another great update to their product. I look forward to testing these new features out very soon.


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