Atlantis goes HyperScale and enters the Hyperconverged market

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In a move that might surprise some and not others, Atlantis is announcing the availability of a hyperconvered appliance. I like this move from Atlantis and I think it will offer a more appealing solution for many customers.

This HyperScale product is marrying a hardware appliance-based approach with their USX software defined storage solution. The appliance will be all flash based and come initially in two difference storage capacity options. This new offering brings a simplified and fast deployment process and single call support from Atlantis for the full stack.

To start Atlantis will support VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer as hypervisors. One can only speculate on how soon they may offer support for others, such as Microsoft Hyper-V. The small group of XenServer users will rejoice as there is finally a hyperconverged offering for them.



What’s the Hardware?

So there will be a hardware appliance, what are the details and who builds it. Atlantis is taking an approach that is being taken by some other vendors lately. They are not just offering a single hardware option. Instead Atlantis is going to be offering HyperScale options on Lenovo, HP, Cisco UCS and SuperMicro hardware. There will be a tightly controlled number of models from each vendor and their specific configuration.

The HyperScale appliances will only be available through Atlantis channel partners. When the partner makes the sale they will order the specific server vendor SKU with maintenance. They will then also sell the customer the Atlantis HyperScale SKU and maintenance. The products will be built by the channel partner and delivered by the customer. This approach can allow customers to take advantage of existing pricing they might have with their approved server vendor.

The Lenovo, HP and Cisco hardware options will be based on 1U rack mount servers. The SuperMicro option is using the Twin Pro, which is a 2U four-node configuration used by other hyperconvered and storage vendors.


How does support work?

Atlantis will offer one call support for the HyperScale solution. This means anything from the hardware to the hypervisor and of course the USX storage layer. The server hardware support will be covered under the server vendors maintenance, Atlantis will have the ability to fill service requests to have hardware replaced on behalf of the customer. This allows for a single call to cover the solution without needing to call HP to get a drive replaced for example. This hardware maintenance approach allows Atlantis to immediately take advantage of the global service coverage that these server vendors have built out already, saving Atlantis from a long expensive process of building out support capacity themselves.


What are the configurations?

Initially there are two different storage capacity options. There will be 12TB and 24TB sizes available to start and possibly a 48TB option in the future. The 12TB model has 4x 400GB flash drives and the 24TB has 4x 800GB drives. You might be saying how are they arriving at those capacity numbers with so few drives? Atlantis is basis the capacity calculations on a 4 node configuration and factoring in a data reduction of 70% to achieve the published capacities. They are offering a capacity guarantee for the HyperScale offering. If customers are unable to achieve this level of data reduction, Atlantis will work with the customer to license or provide additional capacity. The flash drives are Intel S3710’s. The link below is to a PDF that explains the storage guarantee.


All of the server options will offer dual socket servers that will use Intel E5 version3 chips. The 12TB option offers memory options of 256 to 512GB of memory and the 24TB offers 384 to 512GB. A pair of 10GbE and 1GbE network connections will be available for each node.

In the initial offering, the minimum configuration will be 4 nodes. That’s one SuperMicro chassis or 4 1U servers from the other vendors. The unit of scale will be 4 nodes at a time to start. Atlantis will offer single node scaling after the initial minimum deployment as a roadmap item some time in 2015.


My Point of View

I like this move from Atlantis. The USX software defined storage option was attractive, but I always like the appliance-based approach much better. Vendors that tkat an appliance approach to these offerings are able to provide and better deployment, scaling, upgrade and operational story for their customers.

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