People VMware vCAC is not easy, it takes effort to get value

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I tend to get the feeling that many customers expect that if they purchase vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) some type of magic will happen. Maybe it’s a disconnect in how the product is marketed or something else, but the message is not getting through. I’ve noticed this through customer meetings before a sale or during the architecture phase of a project.

vCAC as a product can be very powerful and does allow for a lot of flexibility to solve complex problems. But vCAC does not contain a bunch of magical workflows that will automate your data center out of the box. The product offers a self-service portal, a service catalog, machine blueprints, ties in with automation tools and the ability to surface data from ITBM for business reporting.

If you want to do anything beyond allowing someone to self provision a template from vCenter, you need to do custom work. This work will be creating blueprints to build custom properties and logic and tie in with vCenter Orchestrator or another tool for the more complex tasks. This is where all the magic is accomplished. The point to drive home here is that just installing vCAC does not win you the battle or give you a feature rich “Cloud”. You will need to invest a lot of time or hire someone to build out the automation and orchestration that provides the real value in the solution.

I don’t intend to scare anyone way, but rather just clear up what should be expected from a project based on vCAC from a high level.


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