How to upgrade a Tintri VMstore

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Tintri has been selling their VMstore arrays since early 2011 and the upgrade process has become as simple as the array is to manage. More important is that the upgrade to the Tintri OS can be completed without interruption to your virtualization environment. The upgrade process upgrades the software on a single controller at a time handling failover of the controllers through the process to ensure its always available to your hosts.

I’ve put together this short post on the upgrade process to help others with the upgrade or showcase how easy the upgrade is if you are evaluating Tintri as a storage platform. Before you start the upgrade process you will need to log into the Tintri support portal and download the upgrade version that you will be installing.

To get things started you will need to log into the management web page for your Tintri VMstore. Once there locate the settings menu from the top right and click on it.


Once in the settings window locate the more option from the menu tree and click on the Upgrade menu item. This will open a new window that you can begin the upgrade process.



Once in the upgrade menu area we can see the current OS version and hardware details. Now locate the upload button and click so that we can upload the package that was downloaded earlier.



A window will open and allow you to browse your local drive for the Tintri OS upgrade package that you already downloaded. Once located click on it and click the Open button to start the upload process.



The following image shows the progress of the upgrade package that we selected in the previous step.



Once the upload is complete you will be presented with an upgrade button to start the process. The button also lists the version that you will be upgrading to as a nice touch and removes any confusion.



The upgrade of the Tintri OS is now underway and the upgrade window updates to reflect this status. At this point you can sit back for a few minutes and enjoy a cold beverage while the upgrade completes without interruption.



If your like me, I don’t always like to sit and wait for things to complete. I like to see what is taking place, to do this you can click on the Alerts menu shown below. This will display all alerts for the Tintri VMstore. From here you can watch as the upgrade process upgrades each controller individually and reboots. This makes it easy to follow along with the process and see when it completes.



Once completed we can view the hardware tab for the VMstore. This will show you the health of the storage array and confirm the redundancy state of the VMstore. Also shown with the arrows below is the OS version for each controller letting you know they are both now running the new OS version.



The upgrade process for a Tintri VMstore is very simple and is completed in less than 30 minutes. I have done a number of these and never experienced an issue and did not require any outage or changes to my VMware environment. When it comes to storage upgrades it does not get much easier than this.


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