VMware Horizon 6 install – Part 5 setting up RDS desktops

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This begins the fifth part of my Horizon 6 install series bringing us to configuring RDS desktops. RDS desktops are a new feature for VMware in Horizon 6, something that Microsoft and Citrix have been providing for a long time. I will walk you through the process of getting a new pool configured and ready to serve hosted desktops from your environment.


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Configure Horizon RDS Desktop Pool


To get this started I have already clicked on the pools choice in Horizon View Manager and clicked the Add button. This brings us to the window shown below. From here, we can select the type of pool to create. For this exercise we will be creating an RDS Desktop Pool. This will utilize Windows servers as the platform and offer shared hosted desktops. With this option, we can host upwards of a few dozen users on a properly configured server.


Step 2: Here we need to provide the ID for the pool, it cannot have any spaces. Also fill in the Display Name and a description if you wish. I like to use a detailed description to help others understand the configuration or use of the pool. This is good for teams or admins that do not regularly work with Horizon.



Step 3: In this step we can adjust the pool settings, there are far fewer options here than the typical View desktop pool. There are options for controlling the quality and resources that Adobe Flash can consume and if you wish to restrict the pool to specific connection servers.



Step 4: Here you will get the option to create a new RDS farm or select one created already. Since I created one in part 4 of this series I will be selecting an existing farm.



Step 5: This step brings us to the end of the pool creation. You will be presented with a summary of what the options selected were before you click finish to create the pool. You can tick the box to entitle users immediately afterwards or you can do later when you are ready.



You are now ready to provide RDS desktops to your users, this is a new option for VMware that was missing for years. It can be very helpful and cost effective for some use cases. Follow along in this Horizon install series and see how to configure application presentation with RDS apps in the next post.


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    • Thanks for the feedback. I hope to publish part 6 next week.

  2. You are guiding great, It’s lovely to read.

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