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With the recent news from VMworld Barcelona that Horizon Mirage and Horizon View can now be used together, I’ve been thinking about how this might affect the licensing. With the ability to manage full clone desktops in View with Mirage the need for a user to have more than one device managed by Mirage is increased.

In the past Mirage was licensed by endpoint or PC and not by the user. This was fine when it was only for the physical world and the norm would be for each user to have only one physical PC. When VMware announced Horizon Suite the products were moved to a named user licensing model.

Lets talk about one of the options that I’ve been thinking about. The basic idea is I have 100 users that have PC’s that are managed by Mirage and are used as the method to access their View desktop. The View desktops for these 100 users are also full clones and are managed by Mirage. So this means that each use has two mirage managed OS’s.

The following is a quote from a blog post from VMware.

The benefit of named-user licensing for the Horizon Suite is that one named user can use as many devices as they wish at once, on any or all of the products in the Horizon Suite (Horizon View, Horizon Mirage, and Horizon Workspace).

So this leads me to believe that under the proposed scenario I’m fine and if I purchase a single Horizon Suite named user license for each user I will be fine. But the problem is at least it still existed in Mirage 4.2 which was part of the Suite, is that Mirage still acts in a per device licensing model. Not sure if Mirage 4.3 will fix this licensing oversight, will have to wait for it to be available for download. In the past this was not really an issue because VMware did not support the use of Mirage managing View desktops.

So the question comes down to if Mirage is still not properly supporting named users in version 4.3, how would a solution like this be licensed? I’ve come up with the two following options.

Option 1 – I would purchase 100 named user licenses for Horizon Suite from VMware and build my environment. But I need to have support for the extra 100 Mirage endpoints. So VMware will have to give me 100 separate Mirage licenses to support this.

Option 2 – This option has me still purchasing 100 named user licenses of Horizon Suite but also purchasing 100 licenses of Mirage named users separately. This adds 50% to my cost of this solution.

While I think that the second option is highly unlikely but what level of effort will it take to work out the logistics of option 1 with VMware?


  • License Cost

  • User Count
  • Horizon Suite Licenses
  • Mirage Licenses
  • DT's managed by Mirage
  • VDI managed by Mirage
  • Estimate Costs
  • Option 1

  • $300

    per user

  • 100
  • 100
  • 0
  • 100
  • 100
  • $30,000
  • Option 2

  • $450

    per user

  • 100
  • 100
  • 100
  • 100
  • 100
  • $45,000


I look forward to this licensing issue being fixed very soon. If anyone from VMware has any thoughts on this I would appreciate the feedback.


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Brian is a VCDX5-DCV and a Sr. Tech Marketing Engineer at Nutanix and owner of this website. He is active in the VMware community and helps lead the Chicago VMUG group. Specializing in VDI and Cloud project designs. Awarded VMware vExpert status 6 years for 2016 - 2011. VCP3, VCP5, VCP5-Iaas, VCP-Cloud, VCAP-DTD, VCAP5-DCD, VCAP5-DCA, VCA-DT, VCP5-DT, Cisco UCS Design


  1. Hi Brian – that’s an interesting note and so I’m interested too to hear what VMware has to say. By the way, is Horizon View 5.3 released? I hear that the new ThinApp 5.0 has been released as announced on VMware’s blog but I also heard from a couple of places that mentioned that Horizon View 5.3 has been released but I haven’t read anything from VMware or their blogs announcing it (in which case they normally would).

    Also when is Mirage 4.3 expected to debut?

    • Not sure that I’ve heard or seen any firm dates for View 5.3 or Mirage 4.3 release dates yet. Some rumors but thats all.

      Thinapp 5.0 was released, but only compatible with current versions if you use 32bit packages.

  2. Hi Brian,

    when you have a Horizon Suite named-user licenses you can in fact manage and provisiong a virtually unlimited number of devices for the same named user.

    With Mirage 4.2 VMware no longer enforces licenses based on the devices count. So in fact you can manage 200 CVDs with your Mirage server even if the Horizon Suite license only states 100 CVDs in the management console licensing tab.


    Tim from

    • So the license count still drops with each device you manage, unless it continues to work when the license count hits Zero.

      It seems like they support it, guess I will just have to try it as a test.

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