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We are fresh off the completion of the 2013 Chicago VMUG User Conference on October 22nd. This was our 3rd year for the conference and our biggest event yet. We moved to a large venue this year that offers a better location and layout. This made it easier for people attending to get to the site and find their way around the conference.

The conference was a huge success the VMUG team in Chicago is very happy with the turn out. We have just over 1000 people register for the event and 785 people showed up at the event. This was more than 100 more than 2012, we hope to carry the momentum into 2014.

The leadership team in Chicago would like to thank VMware, VMUG headquarters, vendors and attendees for making this years conference GREAT! To help summarize the day I wanted to put together some notes on the highlights. I also wanted to do something new this year other than just a regular blog post.

So I have created the first VMUG recap comic. I’ve captured some of the cool things from the conference and people that were in attendance. This is only a small sampling that I have pulled together from a few people but it should give you a good idea. You can view the pages of the comic embedded below or download the PDF version from HERE.

Hope you enjoy.


Page 1

The top image shows the keynote room that was setup to accommodate 750 people. It was a big room and was pretty full during keynotes and lunch. The lower left image is Jay from VCE talking about the Software Defined Data Center. He tossed in some Robots for examples. The last image is a picture form one of the VMware EUC focused sessions presented by Dave Stafford from VMware HQ.


VMUG 2013 Comic recap

VMUG 2013 Comic recap


Page 2

The top left is the zombie that the Bluelock team brought along for their DRaaS offering. The top right is a sample of two of the vendors from the day enjoying a friendly discussion. See even rivals can get along most of the time. The lower left is the luck winner of an Apple MacBook Air compute from one of the prize giveaways. The last image is Chris Wahl carting in our mega giveaway of the day. An entire home lab worth $4000, we are very proud to have offered such an amazing giveaway.


VMUG 2013 Comic recap

VMUG 2013 Comic recap


Page 3

The top left image is an attendee asking a question during the afternoon Question and Answer session. The top right photo is the lucky winner of the Home Lab giveaway. Not sure if that guy will stop smiling this year. The middle photo is from a session of automation using VMware Orchestrator and it was presented by a pair of Customers. The VMUG team is very proud anytime a customer is willing to present a session. The lower left is a picture from a Veeam session presented by Mr Rick Vanover. And the last image is a small view from the Vendor exhibit hall.


VMUG 2013 Comic recap

VMUG 2013 Comic recap


Page 4

On the fourth page we start in the top right with Chris one of the VMUG leaders opening up the conference. He talked about some VMUG programs and a brief overview of recent VMware news. This years conference included a Podcasting Room that drew in 3 podcasters. They created multiple show recordings and live interviews during the day. The middle picture on the right show the testing room for people that took the VMware VCA tests at the conference. This is a very new program and I think we might have been the first VMUG to offer these certs on site. The bottom picture shows the helpful people that helped us staff an experts session that allowed the audience to ask questions about VMware topics.


VMUG 2013 Comic recap

VMUG 2013 Comic recap


Page 5

The 5th page brings us a great session about VSAN one of the hottest new technologies shown in the top right picture. The afternoon brought some tasty Ice Cream snacks that were served up in the exhibit hall area. The lower right shows the signage for the VCA certification room.


VMUG 2013 Comic recap

VMUG 2013 Comic recap


Page 6

The final page shows the helpful VMware team that was manning the VMware booth in the exhibit hall. The middle right picture is just a small sampling of the great conversations that took place between vendors and customers. The bottom picture shows the open tables in the exhibit hall that allowed attendees or vendors to sit, relax and talk about the cool stuff they were learning.


VMUG 2013 Comic recap

VMUG 2013 Comic recap


The day was great and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone that I spoke with. We will be picking the date for the 2014 conference soon and begin planning sometime next year. We hope to see everyone that attended this year plus many more people. So spread the work if you had fun or thought it was of value to you.


About Brian Suhr

Brian is a VCDX5-DCV and a Sr. Tech Marketing Engineer at Nutanix and owner of this website. He is active in the VMware community and helps lead the Chicago VMUG group. Specializing in VDI and Cloud project designs. Awarded VMware vExpert status 6 years for 2016 - 2011. VCP3, VCP5, VCP5-Iaas, VCP-Cloud, VCAP-DTD, VCAP5-DCD, VCAP5-DCA, VCA-DT, VCP5-DT, Cisco UCS Design


  1. Hey Brian,

    Nice recap of what was going on. You guys did a wonderful job. Although, this was only my second Chicago VMUG, the event was filled with awesome technical sessions, networking opportunities and of course prizes. Looking forward to the next one…

    • Glad that you could make it out Greg. Feedback is great as we are trying to make it as valuable as possible for attendees.


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