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For anyone that works with VMware products on a regular basis and has the need to document or collect configuration information, RVTools is a great tool you should be using. As a consultant for a VMware partner I am routinely needing to gather details about customers vSphere environments. This makes RVTools a go to option for these efforts.


Use Cases


Documentation – If you need to grab an inventory of your VMware environment or just get a list of VMs or hosts, RVTools is an easy way to accomplish. You can quickly pull extensive details about the environment and export them. I have used these lists for planning migrations of VMs. The lists can be easily manipulated in Excel for planning move phases.

Configuration check – You can collect the data then export it to Excel. From there you can sort and view information to help you identify configuration details about hosts or VMs. This can help you confirm if you have set something accordingly or be used to identify possible issues.


How to Use

The application is very simple to use, upon opening the app you will be prompted for credentials and what endpoint you want to connect to. For this sample I am connecting to a vCenter with a single cluster. Once connected it will take a about a minute to collect all the data.

From the image below you can see from the list of highlighted tabs there are a number of views that you can look at data from. Each of these tabs contains specific details on different items.

The initial screen is the vInfo tab that shows a complete lists of virtual machines and their configuration. I have listed a few highlights of the values displayed on the screen. This list is only a sample of what is collected.

  • CPU count
  • Memory amount
  • Number of NICs
  • Network port groups attachted
  • Resource pool
  • Virtual disk space (provisioned & in use)
  • Cluster name
  • OS version
  • VM hardware verions

main screen


Whats the health of my VMs

Want a quick and easy look into the health of your VMs? Take a look at the vHealth tab in RVTools. The report will show you health related items like out of date VMware tools or active snapshots. While this may not be the most extensive health check its a great view into things.



Before wrapping up this RVTools love fest I wanted to show you one more sampling. In the next screen shot the vDatastore tab is being highlighted. This tab provides a wealth of information about your datastores. Some of the main items are listed below.

  • Address
  • Datastore type (NFS or VMFS)
  • Capacity and Size details
  • SIOC details
  • List of connected hosts



You can download RVTools for free. Don’t forget to thank Rob for such a great tool and if you use the tool send him a small donation.

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