Voting for Top Virtualization Blogs is now open

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Its that time of year again and Eric Siebert is running his voting for the top Virtualization Blogs. Eric collects all this voting data and publishes the list that is active for the year. He offers a main category and several sub categories such as VDI, Independent Blogger and several others.

Some of the things that you should take into account when voting are listed below.

  • Longevity – Anyone can start a blog but it requires dedication, time & effort to keep it going. Some bloggers start a blog only to have it fall to the wayside several months later. Things always come up in life but the good bloggers keep going regardless of what is happening in their life.

  • Length – It’s easy to make a quick blog post without much content, nothing wrong with this as long as you have good content in the post that people will enjoy. But some bloggers post pretty long detailed posts which takes a lot of time and effort to produce. The tip of the hat goes to these guys that burn the midnight oil trying to get you some great detailed information.

  • Frequency – Some bloggers post several times a week which provides readers with lots of content. This requires a lot of effort as bloggers have to come up with more content ideas to write about. Frequency ties into length, some do high frequency/low length, some do low frequency/high length, some do both. They’re all good and require a lot of time and effort on the bloggers part.

  • Quality – It all comes down to whats in the blog post regardless of how often or how long the blog posts are. After reading a blog post if you come away with learning something that you did not previously know and it benefits you in some way then you know you are reading a quality post. Good quality is usually the result of original content, its easy to re-hash something previously published elsewhere, the good bloggers come up with unique content or put their own unique spin on popular topics.

Last year I was lucky enough to be listed in the Top 50 blogs, earning the #47 position. This was a huge honor for me that represented a year of hard work. I try to share things that I come across in my projects working with customers and other experts on my team. Writing helps me to retain the information myself and hopefully is able to help others in the community by sharing the details.

This year I would appreciate your vote in the following categories.

  • 10 Favorite blogs voting
  • Favorite VDI blog (If available)

Voting will run until 3/1 so be sure to get your votes in. All the bloggers on the list work hard on their content and will appreciate your vote.




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