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I’ve been a bit quiet lately on the post side. Its been a very busy Q4 at work and any free time has been spent preparing my VCDX submission before the January 4th, 2013 deadline. I’m happy to say that I feel good about my design documents and will be submitting them later today. It will just be a waiting game for the next couple of weeks until I find out if I will get invited to a defense in February at Partner Exchange (PEX).

Around designs I have been lucky enough to work for a great partner and get exposed to some awesome customers and designs on a regular basis. So there were many choices but I wanted to pick one that challenged me and had lots of discussion points. So I ended selecting a customer that deployed a private cloud around vCloud director.

If your familiar with the VCDX program you might be saying hey the VCDX-Cloud cert does not exist yet. True, but I think that most vCloud designs have a pretty interesting vSphere design supporting them. So that is why I made my design selection. As a secondary bonus I hope that much of the work that I have completed for this VCDX attempt can be built upon for a future attempt at the VCDX-Cloud certification when it becomes available.

Through this process something came to mind and that was people that are going to attempt the VCDX-Cloud when it become available are going to need to seriously step up their game. The level of documentation is going to huge. Not only will you need to do the required vSphere design documentation but you will now need to document vCloud and any supporting products. This will include the usual design, install, planning and operating docs required in the VCDX blueprints.

In closing I wanted to wish any of the other candidates that will be supporting their designs this week the best of luck and hope that your submission gets accepted.


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