Open letter to Vendors on training classes and partner enablement

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To be open I work for a partner and on a regular basis get introduced to new products. For this I spend a decent amount of time researching these products, playing with them in a lab and tacking training from the Vendors. There are a few vendors that do a good job with their training and there are a lot that don’t do a very good job. Yesterday one of my co-workers mentioned something to me about how he thought these training programs should be structured.

What it comes down to is there are a few layers or roles within partners and customers that need to be trained on a new product. I’ve broken it out below into 3 classes that vendors should offer for their products. These translated into software or hardware products I believe.

  • How do I design for your product – This should be an design / architecture focused class. In this class we should be talking about customer requirements, sizing decisions and other things that might affect how I would create a design for Product X.
  • How do I install your product – This class is focused on install and implementation work. I think this is pretty straight forward, what are the pitfalls to look out for when setting up your product etc.
  • How do I manage your product – So this one might be a bit more customer focused but partners still need to be able to understand this and be able to assist their customers on these types of issues. What types of tasks do you expect me to have to complete on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. How do I patch or upgrade your product and these types of tasks.

To me it seems that if these classes were available I could pick out the one that I needed at the time to gain the knowledge that I needed. For me I would usually start out with the design course but also need to understand the other parts at some point.

Out of all the Vendors that I deal with VMware seems to be the one closest to this model. They do have a limited amount of design classes. The most popular VCP related course is heavily focused on the install porting with a bit of management. And the newer performance related courses would fall into the management area. I would like to see other vendors take this approach also.


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