How to upgrade vCloud VCD appliance to 1.5.1

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I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks for the updated vCloud (VCD) appliance to be released. Not sure if its out yet, but after getting tired of waiting. I just decided to update the VCD appliance myself. But after some googling I noticed that no one had written anything about upgrading the appliance. There are some excellent articles by Chris Collotti about how to upgrade vCloud in a production install. So after feeling adventurous I took the leap and upgraded. If you need to upgrade your vShield manager also I have a post on there process also.

First step was to take a snapshot of the VCD appliance for a temp backup in case things went terribly wrong. So I shutdown the appliance and took the snapshot.

Step 1: Download upgrade .bin file and copy to VCD appliance

Step 2: Log into the console of the VCD appliance as root

Step 3: You should shutdown the VCD services before upgrading. See notes from VMware KB also listed below.

To gracefully shut down a cell in vCD 1.5.x:

  1. Log in to the target cell as root.
  2. Navigate to $VCLOUD_HOME/bin/ (typically /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin/).
  3. Suspend the scheduler by running this command:cell-management-tool -u username -p password cell -q true
  4. View the tasks that are running using this command:cell-management-tool -u username -p password cell -t
  5. When the task count reaches zero, shut down the cell by running this command:cell-management-tool -u username -p password cell -s

Below is a sample of the command to suspend the scheduler. Spelling this out for those that are not very awesome with Linux.

The next image is examples on steps 4 & 5 from the VMware KB above for viewing tasks running and shutting down the cell.


Step 4: You have to set the .bin file for the upgrade to be executable. Use the command below and image as an example. If you are upgrading using a newer .bin file then the name will be slightly different due to version or build numbers.

# chmod +x vmware-vcloud-director-1.5.1-622844.bin


Step 5: Ok we are now ready to kick off the upgrade. Issue the following command to start the upgrade process.

# ./vmware-vcloud-director-1.5.1-622844.bin

Once the process starts you are going to be asked to confirm that you want to upgrade now, example shown below.

Now that the upgrade has finished you are going to see a warning like the one below that is telling you that you will need to upgrade the database schema before starting VCD again.


Step 6: Next you need to run the upgrade command from the folder specified in image in prior step. This will upgrade the Oracle database included with the VCD appliance. See an example below.

It will ask you to confirm the upgrade of the database as show in image below.


Step 7: After the database upgrade completes it will prompt you to start the VCD services or you can start them manually afterwards if you wish.


Step 8: Now that the upgrade is completed you will need to login to the admin portal and check the version. One thing to note is that it took several minutes after the services started up before I was able to log into the portal.

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