Strange network behavior on VM imported into VMware vCloud Director

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While doing some lab work for a vCloud private cloud design, I noticed a strange behavior  on virtual machines that are imported into vCloud from vCenter. Not something that I had noticed in past for some reason, but it really struck me as odd for the tests that I was trying to work on.

What I found was that when importing a VM from vCenter into one of the organizations in my lab cloud, was that the vNic on the VM was still attached to the vSphere port group. Now this really should not be possible as vCloud is suppose to abstract this from your view in the cloud. How I came to notice it was when I tried to set it to obtain an IP from the pool that was configured for the external network attached to my Org network that I thought I was using. It kept returning the error that no IPs were available in the pool, which I knew was wrong because I had checked it several times. What tripped me up was I used a similar name for my vCloud network as my port group so it did not sink in right away.

What the error was really trying to explain was that the vSphere port group on the host did not have an IP pool configured and could not give the VM an IP. This all struck me as very weird because I expected vCloud to assign the vNic to a valid network within my Org much like it handles the placement of VMDK files for storage when importing.

So the fix was to edit the virtual machine within vCloud and under the network drop down I was able to add in an Org network that already existed. Which was more confusing than it needed to be, because it makes you think you are adding a new network rather then just attaching one. I have included an example below.


The image below shows the network settings shown when editing the VM. I added in the Public-org network from vCloud afterwards, you can also see the different icons next to the networks listed.

In the next image I am showing the external networks that are setup within vCD. These are mapped directly to vSphere port groups shown in the far right column. The red box is around the “VM Network” port group that exists in vSphere but was clearly still attached to the imported VM.




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