VMware vExpert meeting at VMworld 2011 Las Vegas

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I was very lucky to be awarded the vExpert award for 2011. This is an award that is presented to community members for helping to evangelize VMware and help others with VMware related issues. There are many different ways to earn this award. A few things that people do is write books, blog, write scripts or tools, lead a VMUG or be very active in the VMware forums. There are other ways also but these are some of the common things that gain people status within the VMware world.

For 2011 there are 332 vExperts in the program. This is a global program so it’s a big honor to be part of such an elite and small group. I hope to be able to continue to be productive and earn the award in future years.

On the day prior to VMware 2011 a meeting was held for the current crop of vExperts. The meeting was lead by John Troyer the main man over at VMworld social media. The session offered an overview of the expanding features of the vExpert program.

As part the meeting a couple of people from the VMware Product Marketing team came to give use some futures and NDA info. There was a lot of talk about the Virtual Data Center (VDC) and how things might have changed from it’s announcement back at VMworld 2008. The people in attendance had a bunch of questions and while it gut pulled down in the trenches for awhile it was good to hear various takes on the challenges of watching Cloud technologies mature into a product.

There was talk about what people thought would be the driving factors for companies to move workloads into a Cloud model. Many thought that similar factors that first drove the move to Virtualization would be a factor in this. So those are things like cost savings and some of the first things to move would be Test and Dev workloads. Also there was a lot of talk about the difference between how an enterprise and an SMB would adopt cloud.


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Brian is a VCDX5-DCV and a Sr. Tech Marketing Engineer at Nutanix and owner of this website. He is active in the VMware community and helps lead the Chicago VMUG group. Specializing in VDI and Cloud project designs. Awarded VMware vExpert status 6 years for 2016 - 2011. VCP3, VCP5, VCP5-Iaas, VCP-Cloud, VCAP-DTD, VCAP5-DCD, VCAP5-DCA, VCA-DT, VCP5-DT, Cisco UCS Design

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