How to reset blade slot in HP C7000 chassis

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This issue has not come up very often but with more admins working remotely these days and not being able to touch the hardware. This can be a life saver if no one is at the site or the process is slow. What I needed to do was reset the server in a particular slot and the reset option from the Onboard Administrator console was not getting the job done. So someone informed me of the following option. I need to do this for two different reasons that I can think of. First was due to a firmware issue that was making the blade power off a few seconds after turning it on and the second reason was due to an issue with the blades iLO card.

What the following command does is completely power off the blade slot and back on. This is the same thing as removing the blade from chassis and reseating it.

What you can do is to SSH into the chassis via the OA address that you would normally HTTP into.

The issue the following command to reset the specific blade. Just insert the bay number of the blade that is giving you the trouble.

reset server <bay #>

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  1. Thanx, this is going to save us some trips to our second datacenter. Is the same possible for resetting an OA? On some enclosures we have a firmware update of the primary OA results in a secondary witch is not reachable anymore. out/in does the trick…

    • Not that I have heard of but we have also not had that issue yet. With remote datacenters this is a huge help.

    • Its quite long ago i used to work on blade c7000 chassis. You can do telnet/ssh to the problematic OA and type the command reset. This resets all on that OA. (Careful that this is a passive/secondary module, not the active). Anyway after logging into OA, you can type HELP to get the commands

  2. Thanks. This command is almost equivalent to completely removing the server and reinserting back. When you issue this command, ILO will also get disrupted for few seconds.

  3. Thanks! Great solution for remote admins!

  4. Thanks! You made my night!! :-)

  5. This may just help my issue as well. My ILO connection to Blade in Slot 4 is not working. Shows iLO network configuration problem, check connectivity to iLO default gateway. Will your reset fix this – I hope. Thanx

  6. Just Tried this and it worked for us. Thank you.

  7. you’re a life saver! thanks.

  8. Thanks! This saved the day for me! Couldn’t get remote hands to reset the HP blade.

  9. Brian, Thank You!!! This worked perfectly. It saves a long drive during off hours.

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