My list of New Years Virtual Resolutions

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I thought instead of putting together a wrap up post for 2010 I would write up a list of New Years Resolutions that are on the minds of many in the Virtualization community. Many of these are created to get people to smile but also are realities in the life that we live. So enjoy the list and I thank everyone that read and visited us in 2010. Also if you have any more ideas to add to the list drop us a comment.

  • Be nicer to my storage administrator – He may be grumpy, frown alot, and have an affinity for spreadsheets, but he is in charge of the blocks.  So let’s throw out a nice comment or two, give him a pat on the back, and maybe share a bacon-enthused recipe.  We are on the same team after all!
  • Automate more tasks using Orchestrator – Those tasks may be discordant now what with all the manual labor (and who likes labor?!).  It’s time for some syncopation!  Plus this will be a great way to dig more into an underrated product piece of vSphere!
  • Develop a better method for documentation – Right now, my documentation is scattered amongst analog (notebooks) and digital (intarwebs, onenote, google docs, dropbox) sources.  It’s time to cull that together to be more organized, up to date, and concise.
  • Blog more! – While blogging isn’t known for it’s ability to have the ladies come a callin’, it is a great way to help out the community.  After all, I have taken some much from the community in terms of helpful knowledge, it’s time I gave back more than I do now!
  • Run that VMware health script each day – Sure you’ve been meaning to schedule it to be delivered to your inbox each morning so you can attack potential issues before they ruin your day.
  • Get out and attend your local VMUG in 2011 – This is one I would like to see more people honor this coming year. The VMUG meetings are a great resource to network with others in your field.
  • Learn something new each day – Could be as little as a new command for CLI or how to script a ESXi install.
  • Work more in the home lab – This goes along with the previous entry about learning new things. If you have not yet setup a home lab I would highly recommend that you work on creating one.

So thanks again to everyone that I met in 2010 and read the blog and best of luck in 2011.

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