Lab Manager configurations are only deploying to one datastore

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So I have to admit this is not something that I paid much attention to in the past. But I’m currently working on creating documentation for a customer and putting together a Run Book for them to use with Lab Manager 4. During this process of running through things in the end user mind set I noticed this limit and just wanted to write something down for future reference.

Hopefully you are fairly familiar with how VMware Lab Manager works and I don’t loose you. The limit that I will cover here is when you are creating a New Configuration in a Workspace within Lab Manager when you select a VM Template to use by default the Datastore that it will be created on is locked. The Datastore that it is locked onto is the one that the VM Template is sitting on. This is done for a reason, since by default when creating these new configurations the new VMs created form the Template will be a Linked Clone of the original. For a Linked Clone to work it must reside on the same Datastore as the master VM image.

As you are probably aware that use Linked Clones will save you a lot of disk space on your Datastores so if you do not have a valid reason to not use them I would suggest to leave it this way. Now the only thing that I see is depending on the size of your VMs and your Datastore you could eventually run out of space for this Template on a particular Datastore. To solve that issue you could expand the Datastore or Clone your Template to another Datastore and start creating Linked Clones from that one. If anyone else has run into this issue and has a better idea drop something in the comments.

I have pasted a couple of screen shots below showing what the screens will look like with the default Linked Clone method. And then the option to do a Full Clone which will copy the entire template to the new VM and end up using all of the space.

Here is a note that I found in a VMware KB article to help explain this behavior also.

In vCenter Lab Manager, the configuration files will only be accessible from the same host or datastore as the base template. For example, if you have a Virtual Machine 1 on DataStore1, all the configurations you create from Virtual Machine 1 will be created on DataStore1.

Default option using Linked Clones in Lab manager

Full Clone option in Lab Manager

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  1. If i import, let’s say, 20 VM in LM as full clone, i could spread these imports over multiple datastores.
    3 VM’s on datatstore1, another 4 on datastore2 , 3 VM’s on datastore3, etc.. In that case i think that you minimize the change of running out of diskspace on a datastore.. Correct??

    • Correct if you spread the master VM’s around datastores you will avoid space issues if you end up creating a bunch of linked clones off of them.


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