VMware vCloud Director install errors and setup problems

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I’ve been getting my feet wet with VMware vCloud Director over the last week testing the different install methods. There are several good tutorials that other bloggers have created already. I will put up some links at the end of this article. What I will cover in this post is the issues that I came across while installing vCD.I will continue to add issue that I come across in my own Lab work and what I hear from others. So far I would say that this process has a long way to go before it can be considered a smooth process. The install with the current requirements is very unforgiving and if one small piece is not right you must do clean up and start all over.

I had issue with using the ID that you create manually to allow vCD to connect to your Oracle DB. It seemed to work better using the system ID. Now I did not waste time looking into the issue but it did happen multiple times. I did follow the instructions that others had described as working.

Another issue that I had was once the Database connection issues were worked out and the vCloud Director configuration script was running it complained about the DB having an error and stopped the install. Now you are suppose to be able to restart the config script for vCD from the following directory (/opt/vmware/cloud-director/config). But since the install stopped mid stream it did not create that file. So my only option was to look up the vCloud Director RPM file and uninstall it. (vmware-cloud-director-1.0.0-285979)  Then I was able to re-attempt the install.

You can see my new post on vCloud Director install wizard

Some great vCloud Director install guides

Hypervizor by Hany Michael (Great post with videos)

Yellow Bricks by Dunncan Eping (Great post on a single laptop setup)

Virtually Ghetto by William Lam (Nice automated script install)

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