VMware vCloud Director upgrade or exchange program for Lab Manager customers

Posted by on September 8, 2010 in Lab Manager, vCloud, VMware | 2 comments

Yesterday while talking about the future of Lab Manager with our VMware rep I found out about a current VMware exchange program that is being offered. If you are a current customer of Lab Manager 4 I would assume you may qualify for vCloud Director licenses in this exchange program. The one gotcha that was explained is that you needed to purchase your Lab Manager before 9/1/2010 but that should not be an issue for most folks. Guessing that most groups would be taking a hard look at vCD before buying Lab Manager these days.

So how does this work out since Lab Manager was sold as normal per socket licenses and vCloud Director is now sold on the new VMware per VM licenses. It breaks down like this for each Lab Manager license you will get 20 per VM licenses of vCloud Director. So if you purchased 6 sockets of Lab Manager that would equal 120 Per VM licenses for vCD.

I personally could not find this promotion on the Partner portal so you should inquire with your VMware rep for details.

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  1. Any new info on this rumor? I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else.

    • I have not heard anything new on this lately, but I have to admit that I was not looking either.

      I did look over a listing of promotions on VMware Partner Central and did not see this listed, so it could be something unpublished. I would contact your local VMware rep or SE if you have interest.

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