Vkernel briefing on new Vkernel Capacity Management Suite

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I was invited to a one on one product briefing last week with the Marketing Team at Vkernel. They were giving some pre VMworld briefings on their new product suite called Vkernel Capacity Management Suite. They will formally announce it on Wednesday August 25th but asked me to wait until today before releasing any details.

By creating the Vkernel CMS package they will be releasing 3 updated existing products along with one new product in a single virtual appliance. This allows for a easier and faster deployment and greater integration between the products. That was not previously available. You would still license the 3 products separately at $299 each per socket. Which if you have a large environment could be costly. I was impressed by several of the new features and the flexibility the new reporting is able to provide.

Below you can see some of the new reporting and data mining features from Vkernel. These are important in Capacity Management. I liked the ability to report on changes made within a selected time frame and then the HA reporting function. Getting notified of a cluster that will have an HA issue if a host should fail would be nice, this could be caused by someone dropping in a monster virtual machine that messes up your vSphere slot sizes.

This slide covers the automation of right sizing VM’s or reclaiming over provisioned virtual machines. This would probably scare the crap out of any Virtual admin that I have ever worked with. But if you have a lab or development environment it could be very handy to have this run nightly or weekly and pull back resources that users have gotten too greedy with.

Below you can see a slide that shows some details about the Inventory app included in the CMS package from Vkernel. It seems to offer some flexibility for pulling details out of your Virtual Infrastructure. For example you could quickly pull a list of powered off virtual machines.

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