VMware ThinApp 4.6 is ready to virtualize your applications

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It’s been kind of hard to keep up with all the releases from VMware lately. They have been on an absolute terror dropping updated products like crazy since vSphere 4.1 hit the streets. The latest to put smiles on the faces of VMware admins is ThinApp 4.6. One of the biggest new features in the new version is the ability to harvest IE6 from a clean Windows XP machine.

ThinApp 4.6 adds the ability to “Harvest” Internet Explorer 6 from an existing Windows XP instance.
In the past, the process for creating an IE6 package with ThinApp was complex. It required capturing the IE6 install using a clean instance of Windows 2000 with its pre-IE6 native browser IE5 and performing an upgrade.    If you captured on Windows 2000 using the IE6 download from Microsoft’s download page odds are you would not get all the latest security fixes and updates provided by Microsoft. Capturing using a Windows 2000 base also made capturing IE6 applications plug-ins a bit trickier, especially if the plug-ins only installs on XP+. With so many companies migrating to Windows 7 we knew this is a popular use case, so we’ve turned the process of capturing IE6 into a few clicks.  ThinApp can now automatically “harvest” IE6 from of any Windows XP instance.   This means you can use an XP instance that has the latest security fixes applied, and also capture any plug-ins you want in the same go!

There is also the ability to redirect URL’s from a native browser window to a Virtual browser, read the full article here.

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