Properly size VMware Update Manager 4.1 with VUM Sizing Estimator

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The top notch team that runs the VMware VROOM blog recently announced the release of a new sizing tool. The tool will help you estimate the size of your VUM database, patch store and temporary disk space. It will also give you recommendations on where to place your VUM database and if you should install VMware Update Manager on your vCenter server. The tool is a Excel document and that requires you to answer about 20 questions and then displays 5 recommendations based upon your details.

The following input parameters are used to estimate how much disk space VUM will need:

–    Feasibility for virtual machine remediation
–    Number of ESX and ESXi flavors in the deployment
–    Number of hosts, virtual machines, Windows distributions, average number of locales for Windows distribution, average number of different Service Pack levels for Windows distribution
–    Patch scan frequency for virtual machines
–    VMware Tools upgrade scan frequency for virtual machines
–    Virtual machine hardware upgrade scan frequency
–    Patch scan frequency for hosts
–    Upgrade scan frequency for hosts
–    Whether VUM 4.1 is upgraded from 4.0 and old ESXi upgrade bundles are still used

The following are the outputs from the tool:

–    VMware vCenter Update Manager 4.1 database deployment model recommendations
–    VMware vCenter Update Manager 4.1 server deployment model recommendations
–    Initial disk space utilization in MB for database, patch store, and temporary space
–    Monthly disk space utilization growth in MB for database and patch store
–    The upper and lower bounds on the estimation, assuming a 20% variance

You can see from the screen shot I took below from the document that it’s a very simple tool to use. Most are yes/no questions and others are just inputting a number count for the question.

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