Review of VMware: Virtualizing MS Apps seminar

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Today I had the opportunity to attend the VMware seminar on virtualizing MS SQL and Exchange held in downtown Milwaukee at the Pfister Hotel.  The topics covered an overview of some of what’s new in 4.1 (not really relevant, seemed a bit like filler?), then an overview of best practices for the esx(i) hosts in preparation for virtualizing Tier 1 MS apps (SQL and Exchange).  This was then wrapped up by best practices and gotchas for SQL and Exchange.

Overall, and perhaps due to the time available, it felt like the presentation was a bit light in material.  It did have some good insight into certain aspects of best practices for virtualization of each app, and did point us to the white papers / resource materials for further study.  But it really was more like what you could get in a 2-3 page pdf attached to an email.  When I asked a question regarding using two adapters and should they both be pvscsi (if the hosts supported such) or is there a specific use case for such, I was told “oh, yeah, use two adapters”.  I felt like there was no interest in hearing my question, let alone even answering my question.  Overall though the pdfs I pulled down are pretty useful and should be helpful as my company seems to understand that “it’s okay to virtualize when we move to Exchange 2010”.  SQL is another battle entirely, but they’ll come around.  The art of the food bribe is an essential part of my utility belt :-)

After the VMware presentation, Netapp (who was sponsoring this meeting) had an engineer or three onhand to give a general feature overview.  It felt alot like the Compellent talk that was given at the recent Chicago VMUG.  Brian and I were talking about this:  we don’t really need a marketing effort by itself.  Bring along a customer or two, one who will give both good and bad feedback regarding their product.

Bit of a side story:  my company is allowing me to help guide them to purchasing a new dedicated VMware storage platform to get us off the icky EVAs.  I’m eager as it’s basically going to be between Netapp and EMC.  In fact we are being flown down by our VAR PDS to Netapp HQ for a meet and greet, plus executive briefing August 16-18.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and meet Vaughn and get an autograph *laughs*

I’ll also be attending the VMware Support Day August 19th hosted by the Wisconsin VMUG.  Looking forward to good conversation and copious amounts of pasta!

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