Some cool new features in vSphere Command Line Interface CLI 4.1

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Now that vSphere 4.1 has been out for a couple of weeks you’ve probably had some time to play with it in a lab. I’m sure you have also spent some time reading the release notes getting up to speed on the large list of new features that were released. After spending time myself getting familiar with many of the new options I wanted to dig in and see what was new with the Command Line Interface in 4.1. Since this is going to play a big part in how you will be managing ESXi hosts once you move your environment over to the platform of the future.

I have grabbed a list of the new commands added to vCLI 4.1, these command will help narrow the gap that had existed between what you could run on the ESX console (COS) and what you could do via the vCLI with an ESXi host. Notice the part at the end where it lists some of the commands that cannot be executed against a vCenter server for a host in lock down mode.

  • vicfg-hostops – Allows you to examine, stop, and reboot hosts and to instruct hosts to enter and exit maintenance mode.
  • vicfg-authconfig – Allows you to add an ESX/ESXi host to an Active Directory domain, remove the host, and list Active Directory domain information.
  • vicfg-ipsec – Supports IPsec setup.

vSphere CLI 4.1 also includes the following new functionality:

  • The following options have been added to esxcli:
    • esxcli swiscsi session – Manage iSCSI sessions.
    • esxcli swiscsi nic – Manage iSCSI network interfaces.
    • esxcli swiscsi vmknic – List VMkernel network interfaces available for binding to particular iSCSI adapter.
    • esxcli swiscsi vmnic – List available uplink adapters for use with a specified iSCSI adapter.
    • esxcli vaai device – Display information about devices claimed by the VMware VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration) Filter Plugin.
    • esxcli corestorage – List devices or plugins. Used in conjunction with hardware acceleration.
    • esxcli network – List active connections or list active ARP table entries.
    • esxcli vms – List and forcibly stop virtual machines that do not respond to normal stop operations.
  • Some of the parity issues between vSphere CLI and the ESX service console have been resolved.
  • You can now run vCLI commands using SSPI (--passthroughauth) against both vCenter Server and ESX/ESXi systems.
  • Lockdown mode allows vSphere administrators to block direct access to ESXi systems. With lockdown mode enabled, all operations must go through a vCenter Server system. The following commands cannot run against vCenter Server systems and can therefore not be used in lockdown mode:
    • vicfg-snmp
    • vifs
    • vicfg-user
    • vicfg-cfgbackup
    • vihostupdate
    • vmkfstools
    • esxcli
    • vicfg-ipsec
  • If you want to run these commands against an ESXi system, turn off lockdown mode using the vSphere Client.

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