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I would like to say a Big Thanks to everyone that attended today and a special thanks to our sponsor Compellent. Compellent gave a nice presentation about their technology and what they have accomplished in their 5 years since they released the first product. I will give a short break down of the different presentations today and if we are able to get the slide decks from the presenters we will publish them over on the Chicago VMUG blog.

In our first presentation of the day Chris Fox of VMware was in and gave an overview of the new features of vSphere 4.1. There were discussions about SIOC (Storage IO Control), NIOC (Network IO Control), VAAI the API’s for array integration were some of the most talked about features. It was also discussed that VMware ESX 4.1 classic will be the last release of the ESX flavor of Hypervisor. Sometime in 2011 there is expected to be the next major release of vSphere and it will only be available in ESXi flavor.

In the second session of the day Russ Taddiken of Compellent talked to us about their storage virtualization technology. Russ gave a presentation that explained many of the features that make Compellent a strong competitor in the storage market. He spoke about Storage Auto Tiering that has been a feature in their product for about 5 years. Some of the other points that stood out to me was CoPilot their support organization and the Portable Volume feature. With portable volume it allows for the initial data replication to be placed on an encrypted USB disk that can be shipped to a remote site that might have a slow link. You will then only have to replicate the changes rather then the entire amount. Russ also mentioned that Compellent will be in the 2nd round of Vendors that will be supporting VMware VAAI API for storage functions.

In the last session of the day Mark from VMware spent time to talk about migrating your ESX infrastructure to ESXi. He covered the different ways to convert your hosts over to VMware ESXi. There was discussion around some of the reasons for the VMware’s decision to move in the ESXi direction. An estimated 80% of patches that VMware released for the ESX classic version were related to the console (COS) due to it’s Linux base that it was built on. With ESXi the COS was removed and the amount of patching required is greatly reduced. VMware is also working in the direction of building the ability to have a stateless hypervisor. Mark spent some time showing some of the commands that are the vCLI versions of the console commands that many are used to using.

We had a pretty nice showing for this meeting and hope that our community continues to grow. We had a couple of higher profile members from the VMware community show up to the meeting. David Davis from Train Signal was in attendance at the meeting. David has created a large number for training videos from Train Signal as well as for his blog Thanks again to David and the Train Signal team for providing several copies of their VMware vSphere training videos that we were able to give away to our members. Also in attendance today was Justin Lauer of EMC and a vSpecialist from Chad Sakac’s vArmy Team. I’ve knowing Justin for a bit now and it’s always great to chat with him, his involvement in our VMUG community will help many.

Update: We have posted a few of the slide decks from the presentations today here.

Took a couple of quick photos with an iPhone today as I forgot my camera but will do a better job in the future.

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