Error reporting Disk Group occupancy in Command View

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So this is an error / issue we’ve had to live with for some time. It’s a bit strange to be sure. Essentially in Command View, the Disk Group occupancy is completely incorrect, and continues to grow. Yes, that’s right, I said grow. For some photo-visual enjoyment, here is what a NORMAL Disk Group looks like.

So as you can see, we have a total Capacity (which is correct and accurate), and the Occupancy. The information listed is correct, and it’s refreshing. Now, for the problematic Disk Group (and please ignore the name as it was before my time).

Here we see the correctly calculated Capacity, but lo! What’s this? What on earth is going on with that Occupancy? It seemingly continues to grow a bit here and there as we take snapshots of various. HP doesn’t know what’s wrong either. When we upgrade from Command View 9.0 to 9.1, it did not fix the issue either. The big problem here is that we have to figure out how much space is actually used since we’ll never get alerted. It is a pain. I can turn to Replication Solutions Manager to obtain the correct size by simply adding all the luns (easy way to view them, as opposed to Command View), so that’s the workaround. Not very satisfying if you consider how much money was spent on these beasts.


  1. I apologize for the delay in this problem resolution! Okay, so to fix it, I had to resync the controllers. If that doesn’t work, you could also restart the master controller. You can do these both from the field service page in command view, as opposed to having HP come out to do so. Let it be known this may (read: will!) impact io to the vdisks from the array. As such, perform this in a service window. I’ll give a tour of the field service menu in a future article.

  2. hi

  3. i had got hp m5314c disk enclosure with hard disks. i AM new to san and had never configured one before infect this is the only one i have seen physically I have understood the software tutorial but i wanted to know what hardware i need to connect it at the first stage. I have red in some form that I need fabric switch and HSV controller.I wanted to know do i need the switch even if I am connecting the SAN to only one system because its only for my home testing how it is going to work.

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