Let’s talk EVA!

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I’d like to start discussing the storage I have at my work. I’ve had some good experiences in learning and working with it, and I’d like to share! I haven’t found alot specifically regarding working with the EVAs like I do daily, so I hope some folks find this useful!

So, as an overview for the environment, we currently have 3 8100 series and one 4400 series. EVAs arrays use two controllers, and our models are active/active. Our VMware environment at work is currently a VI3 schmorgesborg and we are planning an update (well migration) to vSphere. For SAN switches, we have older Mcdata’s that are workhorses! We manage them using EFCM software (also java, sigh).

HP provides Command View for EVA as the management tool for the EVAs. This installs and runs on Windows, and is now supported running in a VM as of the current release (9.2). Replication is handled with Business Copy and Continuous Access (separately licensed features). Automation of replication is handled using Replication Solutions Manager, which is a java-based App. :-/

For my next post, I’ll be giving a walkthrough of Command View and discuss how the EVAs we have are configured. Lots of screenshots too!

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  1. Gr8..would like to see more posts on Business copy and Continuous access best practice and setup.

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