The week before vsphere: the panic!

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Okay, so it’s not really panic. It’s more “I don’t know enough!”. So, maybe panic. Regardless, I wanted to detail my lab environment so folks can realize it’s not retarded complex to get the party started. For my everyday life, anime viewing, and virtualizing, I have a macbook pro (for those inquiring minds, a 13″). VMware fusion is helpful, but it’s not the best to handle the business on a mac laptop. So, I’ve moved things to my lab for managing, and just use fusion for the windows vm for the vsphere client. So, on to the lab!

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So this lab I’ve got is somewhat piece meal and on the cheap, so it’s designed to get the job done. Well, it’s not even designed, it’s just how things have rolled out. So, I have an ESXi 3.5 box (DL580 G2 with attached disk cabinet) that runs my vcenter server, sql backend, openfiler server, and a few other odds and ends vm’s. For the real deal, I have two DL360 G4’s that handle the business, so to speak, with esx 4. I need to save up money for a Drobo. So I guess we are taking donations?

Additionally it is my goal to be able to obtain some modern servers so that I can leverage 64bit vm’s in a proper fashion. I’d really like to snag an HP C3000 blade enclosure. Ah, if only I had deeper pockets!

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