VMware Orchestrator is going to make Admins happy

Posted by on October 29, 2009 in Orchestrator, VMware | 0 comments

I’ve been wondering what would be possible with VMware Orchestrator. After some reading and attending product demos things are much clearer now.  This tool is going to make automation of common tasks much easier for the admins that are not good script writers. Orchestrator provides a GUI to create work flows that will automate a large number of tasks. The Orchestrator will also allow plugins from 3rd parties to extend the functionality.

While all of these tasks were possible in the past either by manual methods or through scripting. If you were not good a creating your own scripts there is a very dedicated community around VMware and there most likely was already something out there that you could use. With Orchestrator you will have over 400 built in work flow options to perform tasks like find orphaned vm’s, vm’s with snapshots, convert to thin provisioning, add hosts and many other tasts.

Some even better news is that Orchestartor will work with both ESX 3.5 and vSphere 4 hosts.  Each will be made available with a plugin and can talk to multiple vCenter servers for each generation.

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