VMware has updated details on VCI on vSphere 4.0

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If you are interested in becoming a VCI (VMware Certified Instructor) on ESX 4.0 vSphere the details have been updated. You will need a wide area of knowledge to make the cut in todays environment. VMware has always been pretty selective but with so many good candidates out there they have the pleasure of being pretty selective.

Vmware is looking for candidates that have experience with VMware, Windows, Linux, Storage, Networking and previous teaching experience. While some of these might be obvious in the past it was a bonus to have most of them and not it’s become a requirement. While they still might pick someone with a majority of the list you need to be very strong on most of these subjects to have a shot.

With the new VCP 410 for vSphere you will need to score a 400 or higher out of a possible 500 points to be considered for the VCI program. This is much higher than the 300 score need to become a VCP. This may be the easiest portion of the process as I see a lot of VCP’s with some pretty outstanding scores. You will need to have the work experience and the ability to teach the skills to anyone from a sales rep to a life long Linux admin that will try and trip you up.

The process starts with an inteview with a Senior VCI that will be a VMware employee not a contrator instructor. The interview process will cover your work history, what your looking for in the VCI program and a Technical interview. The technical part will consist of a bunch of questions that cover a wide range of material. While it’s important that you answer them correctly it’s also important that you answer them as if you were speaking to students.

If you pass the interview process and have achieved a 400 or higher on the VCP exam then you will need to attend a VMware class for a co-teach. After you sit for the extra class you will then need to attend a train the trainer type program. This is a extensive week long program were potential VCI’s work with existing trainers to present material and are graded on their knowledge and teaching styles. If you pass the train the trainer program with high enough scores on technical and teaching style requirements then you are ready to start training students.


  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  3. VCP 4 Exam – a score 350 or more is required for becoming a VCI (your post mentions 400)…

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