VMware vCenter Chargeback and what it means to IT

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You have probably been hearing some of the buzz around vCenter Chargeback that will be available for VMware vSphere. Its a separate server that will work with vCenter server to all for chargeback of virtual resources. This will help the business to understand the costs of deploying new VMs. The IT side will use this to report and track on resources usage in the Virtual environment.

Within vCenter Chargeback there are several costing models that you will be able to use. First there is the Fixed Costing model that allows you apply a fixed cost for a VM instance. Secondly there is the Allocation Based Costing that offers variable costs per VM based on it’s allocated resources. Lastly you offer Utilization Based Costing that will be based on actual resources utilized.

You will be able to access this data via the vSphere client or a Web browser to allow your business customer the ability to get reports.

Currently Chargeback will support vCenter servers versions 4.0 and Virtual Center 2.5 update 3 and above.  This is good news for companies not looking to move to vSphere in the near future.

You will be able to breakdown the cost models into per hour costs that track metrics like CPU, Disk Read/Write, Memory, Network traffice, Storage and a few more. You can choose to also bill for FT, HA and other custom add-ons. You can use cost templates to input values for different types of VMs that might be deployed.

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