Got a look at vCloud today and it blew my socks off

Posted by on September 17, 2009 in vCloud, VMware | 0 comments

I was luck enough to be invited for a usability study on VMware vCloud. I had to sign a NDA so I cannot say anything about the product. But we spent about 90 minutes going through screen shots of the product. We talked about how I would use the product, what I thought might be the use of screens shown to me.

Overall the vCloud product is not ready for release yet and who knows when it will be. But it really kicked butt. It was packed full of features and seemed pretty flexible.  I work with corporations that would love to have this today for Internal Cloud usage.

The word vCloud has been coming up in discussions for atleast a year now. It’s good to see that its not just vaporware and VMware seems to have something working up there.

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