Big performance bump on VMware VMXNET3 virtual device

Posted by on September 15, 2009 in VMware | 0 comments

Today VMware dropped a whitepaper on the big bump in performance of the VMXNET3 virtual network device used in vSphere. It overs a significant performance increase over the previous version under several configurations and protocols. Along with the performance gains it reduces overhead on the CPU usuage.

Some highlights of this paper are:

(1) Throughput gains of up to 92% for 10G TCP/IPv4 Rx workloads with large socket buffer, which greatly improves bulk data transfer performance in a data center environment.

(2) Dramatic gains across all configurations of IPv6 traffic, with significant CPU usage reduction and throughput improvement over enhanced VMXNET2.

You can see the new relases here and download the whitepaper here.

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