VMware updates Lifecycle Manager to 1.0.2

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For those of you who have not used Lifecycle Manager, it’s the little tool that combats the “sprawl”.  The “sprawl” is what happens when your users find out that you can deploy a new machine in minutes.  That’s when new server requests increase dramatically.  Lifecycle Manager (LCM) organizes the requesting process into an organized workflow.  You can also track the inventory of your current VMs to know who the application owner is and how long they need it for.

You can read the full release notes here. I have listed a few of the highlights below.

VMware vCenter Lifecycle Manager (LCM) 1.0.2 release enhances the performance, robustness, and scalability of LCM and resolves a number of known issues.

The LCM 1.0.2 release runs on an updated version of VMware vCenter Orchestrator 4.0. To run LCM 1.0.2, you must install the version of Orchestrator (4.0.0 Build 4439) that accompanies the LCM 1.0.2 download.

If you want to download LCM just head on over to here.

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